I have always believed that being kind to others is the fastest way to become successful. This is one of the most important attributes you can have as a person. This characteristic will help you with growing your business as well as in life! I talk about being kind in (more…)
Perfection. It’s what we all strive for in life, our families and business but beginning at a very young age, it’s the perfection of the reflection we see in the mirror that becomes a daily goal. From the moment we notice that first “flaw,” perhaps a small whitehead or the (more…)
If you are paying attention to any news lately you likely have heard grumbling about a recession. You may even be seeing a decline with your clients spending money. I would like to ask you to take a deep breath and remind you we have been through tough financial times (more…)
It has been said that building solid relationships with those with whom we share our time is vital for us to truly experience life’s journey. As therapeutic providers, we need to remember that developing relationships when working with our clients is essential. We are there to celebrate big events with (more…)
As someone who worked behind the chair for more than 30 years, I always wanted to figure out how to streamline my business so that the general operations were smoother. I spent a lot of time tracking inventory, digging out client cards to look at formulas, and making phone calls (more…)
When it comes to achieving an enviously glowing, healthy complexion, chirally correct skincare is one beauty trend worth caring about. In this article, discover everything you need to know about how certain chiral molecules can help you enhance a skincare line. What is Chirally Correct Skincare? Over the years, pharmaceutical (more…)
The craving to adorn is as old as humanity is and deserves to be honored.  Herbal Skin Solutions is devoted to creating skincare product experiences that make us feel blissfully, beautiful inside and out. They are inviting us to elevate the way we think about applying skincare by connecting the (more…)
Do you add LUNAR PHASES to your social media spa campaigns? Here’s why you should. Over the course of a calendar year, the moon’s phases alter between the dim glow of a crescent and the full luster of a spotlight. It may be hard to believe that these phases can (more…)
Do you find it ironic that in an industry where wellness aimed at renewing the body, mind, and spirit through therapeutic and professional services is promoted, that our own wellbeing can be easily overlooked? Afterall, it is the spa professional’s responsibility to create a nurturing haven and relaxing experience where (more…)
Never has sustainability gained so much emphasis as now. For good reason. Global lockdowns caused by Covid-19 which resulted in shortages in all areas but made Nature thrive and get a break. This made people aware of how dependent we are, how much impact we truly have – negatively but (more…)
I have been a licensed esthetician and clean beauty lover for over twenty-three years. It has always been my passion to find the healthiest choice available. I am so pleased to see how the beauty industry has evolved and how healthy beauty brands like the one I work for sets (more…)
Every couple years I stumble down a rabbit hole of an obscure social media trend or an article. In 2009, I asked NASNPRO Members and incredible Estheticians, Linda Rae and Sherry Taylor to write an article about kitty litter as an exfoliant and their first question was WHY? After a (more…)
I recently had the opportunity to visit the Edgar Cayce Wellness Spa in Virginia Beach, VA. Established in 1931 by Edgar Cayce. He has been called the father of the modern-day holistic moment. I had a 90 minute body service which included an Abdominal Castor Oil Pack, massage and foot (more…)
What’s the first thing you do when picking up almost any product? Most likely, you smell it. What’s the next thing you do? You respond with emotion and feeling. This is often done unconsciously and prior to an attempt to identify the odor. Your like, dislike or indifference to a (more…)
Lasers offer the latest technology in disease management in both the aesthetic and medical field. Laser therapy is non-invasive with little if any down time after treatment. Laser benefits outweigh any risks in providing clients optimal clinical outcomes which makes laser therapy a safe and effective therapy. AESTHETICS and how (more…)
If you live in an area that has all 4 seasons, you are probably also one of those yearning for Spring to come. When it is finally there, everything starts to bloom and along with it – allergies. Besides of runny noses and watery eyes, many suffer from itchy skin. (more…)
Acrochordons most commonly appear on the neck, axillary, groin, and inframammary regions. A skin tag (acrochordon) is a common, possibly inherited condition that manifests as small, flesh-colored growths on a thin stalk. Viewing these tabs of skin in the treatment room can be alarming. We get concerned and may ask (more…)
With so many skin care products out there marketing themselves or their ingredients as the latest and greatest, how do you know what is hyperbole or credible? Innovations in the beauty industry can be confusing as some deliver on their proposition and are supported by credible clinical testing and others (more…)
Getting started in the industry isn’t difficult but you will need to do a little research in your state. Do you need to have a special license or city permit? Do you want to be solo or a part of a team? What style of makeup are you going to (more…)
If there is ever a day to have flawless, glowing skin, it would be one’s wedding day! Not only is the betrothed center stage for all to see, but, is forever captured in images that will be viewed by generations to follow, a lasting remembrance of a most happy day. (more…)
Lasers offer the latest technology in disease management in both the aesthetic and medical field. Laser therapy is non-invasive with little if any down time after treatment. Laser benefits outweigh any risks in providing clients optimal clinical outcomes which makes laser therapy a safe and effective therapy. Aesthetics and how (more…)
There have always been trends in the beauty industry and there always will be. One trend and buzzword that is here to stay is Biocompatibility. It is often misunderstood, misused, and confusing. So, what does biocompatibility mean exactly and why is it so prevalent of late? The term biocompatibile can be used (more…)
All of us have had those clients that have no idea how to maintain their new look once they leave the salon, or how to optimize a service that you just provided them. This could be anything from a hair colour service to a massage or new tattoo.  This is (more…)
Much has been made of the nasal labial problems over the years. In fact, I have always been concerned about mine! There are some surgical solutions possible, but not guaranteed to give the result wanted. There is a combination of several things that can “lift” this problematic area, but heredity, (more…)
Acne effects virtually everyone at some point in their lives, making it the most common medical skin condition according to the Academy of Dermatology. There are four different stages of acne that range from mild to severely inflamed. Grades I and II acne are considered acne simplex and grades III (more…)
Electrolysis as most of know or have done is a method of removing individual hairs from the body permanently.  A trained electrologist inserts an exceptionally fine filament into the natural opening of the hair follicle alongside the hair shaft. A tiny amount of electrical current is then applied to create (more…)
Associated with well-being and health, the plump and luminous appearance of skin not only favors but also radiates youth. This is nothing new but there is a new concept or rather a new approach of how to achieve it: creating D-skin! D-skin stands for Vitamin-D-enriched skin, d-lighted skin, deep-layer hydration (more…)
All of us have had those clients that have no idea how to maintain their new look once they leave the salon, or how to optimize a service that you just provided them. This could be anything from a hair colour service to a massage or new tattoo. This is (more…)
Lasers offer the latest technology in disease management in both the aesthetic and medical field. Laser therapy is non-invasive with little if any down time after treatment. Laser benefits outweigh any risks in providing clients optimal clinical outcomes which makes laser therapy a safe and effective therapy. Aesthetics Medical aesthetics (more…)
There is already a silent but steady swing going on in our industry. As researchers discover more and more where the energies that run our physical bodies come from, skin and body treatments will take on a new slant. It won’t be “out with the old, in with the new!”, (more…)
Live streaming is the broadcasting of a real-time video to your audience through the Internet. Because your video is unedited where anything can happen it appeals more to consumers. Facebook reports that people spend more than triple the time watching live videos versus non-live videos. People also interact more with (more…)
“AIN’T NO TIME TO WONDER WHY. WHOOPIE, WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE” – COUNTRY JOE MCDONALD “Be afraid, be very afraid.” “The dangers are discredited and there’s no conclusive evidence.” “We’re screwed!” “Research has found no significant health risks.” These comments can address many topics related to our existence in an (more…)
The world has been steadily moving since we each individually joined. The Covid-19 pandemic brought our world as we’ve all known it, to a halt, which is something no one could have prepared for psychologically, emotionally, financially or professionally. Pre-Covid-19 we all were on a more even feeling playing field. (more…)
Orgasms are a biological delight. Not only are they a pleasurable experience, orgasms also have a multitude of positive health related benefits. What’s more, orgasms are good skin care! According to one study, orgasm improve skin firmness, elasticity, and radiance. With the growing sexual-wellness market, the spa environment can now (more…)
Electrolysis as most of know or have done is a method of removing individual hairs from the body permanently. A trained electrologist inserts an exceptionally fine filament into the natural opening of the hair follicle alongside the hair shaft. A tiny amount of electrical current is then applied to create (more…)
Ever wonder how some skin professionals garner an income of six figures or more? After being in this industry for 30 years and working side-by-side with some of the best, it all comes down to the same thing: loyal clientele. How does one create a loyal following? It’s quite easy (more…)
Myth – Skin Cleansing is necessary by Germicidal Substances? Skin has profound Microbiome, consisting of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi etc. and skin’s overall health is highly governed and dependent on integrity of Microbiome. Germicidal Substances present in soaps, detergents can kill healthy microbiota along with targeted pathogens and it is highly (more…)
Figuring out acne has been my goal since I was a teenager, and it has been a very long road. As a college student and then young adult, I have taken a traditional route of antibiotics and even Accutane… just to see my acne come back with the vengeance. My (more…)
As we transition to recovery mode from a global pandemic… Life and beauty has been really affected. If we are able to continue to be flexible that does not have to be a bad thing. Its just different… As we start transitioning into our new normal (as the gathering restrictions (more…)
Moles, warts, and skin tags can be very embarrassing and the reason most clients seek removal. With the advent of licensed estheticians performing more and more advanced procedures it is critical to be able to identify not diagnose the difference between moles, warts, and skin tags. Knowing the difference will (more…)
Introduction Melatonin is an essential hormone associated with the natural biological (chronobiology) process known as the Circadian Rhythm that regulates our sleep-wake cycle and natural body cycles within a 24-hour time frame. These natural timing devices (circadian clocks) are composed of specialized proteins that interact with all cells throughout the (more…)
As licensed spa professionals our #1 priority has always been safety and sanitation. Since the pandemic, there has been a huge shift that reminds us of the hygiene and sanitation we learned in school and did at our state board exam. I have been a licensed esthetician and make-up artist (more…)
Being an Esthetician can be likened to being a detective. The hardest part of our job description is deciphering the subtle differences in skin conditions. Although diagnosing is out of our scope of practice, it’s always important to stay educated on common skin conditions, and moreover, the differences they represent (more…)
Every day in the treatment room is a golden opportunity to become a melanoma detective. Whether you are a skincare professional, a massage therapist, cosmetologist with emphasis on hair, skin, or nails, you can be the catalyst sending your client to the dermatologist. Not to be overly dramatic but it (more…)
The eyes truly are an entrance to many emotions, but the peripheral skin around them have been misunderstood by the AESTHETICS industry for decades. We often see ads depicting facial treatments with damp cotton wool or cucumbers over the eyes, ostensibly because skin surrounding the eyes is said to be (more…)
Cupping is a traditional form of Chinese healing therapy. One of the earliest documentations of cupping can be found in the work titled, “A Handbook of Prescriptions for Emergencies,” written by a Taoist herbalist by the name of Ge Hong and dates all the way back to 300 AD. An (more…)
Good ol’ 2020……………… Who would’ve thought this would be the battle were faced with? I’m here to tell you, we are in Q4 and we can still make a tremendous boom in our businesses. Let me explain. You see, we are hustlers. Being in the beauty industry is a hustle, (more…)
I have a confession, please don’t judge me! I recently visited Thermae Retreat Spa in Boardman, Ohio. The spa is an inviting atmosphere with a plethora of services and an amazing salt room. The 45 minute salt service $20.00 and they offer monthly pricing of $75.00 for unlimited use of (more…)
We live in a world of technology, where virtual consultations have proven to work very well. People are receptive because it is simple, convenient, and they don’t have to leave their house. Today’s market is about instant gratification, quick answers, and immediate results. Therefore, it should be effortless for the (more…)
Prior to March, your business was thriving and you were pretty happy about this year being your best ever, but then COVID happened and presented a lot of uncertainty. A few months in… and now consumer focus has shifted to online because people have been forced to do more stuff (more…)
Solo Estheticians and all entrepreneurs who are still paying full rent for your business space: NOW is the time to make a pitch for a better deal! We are now in what is called a “buyer’s market”, that is, one where falling demand and renters’ increasing inability to pay is (more…)
If I may pose a question. Do you remember your why? Why did you become an esthetician? Why pursue a career in the spa and wellness industry? Why be involved in the beauty industry? The why can provide stability and direction in the chaos of life and let’s face it (more…)
Nowadays, relaxation is more important than ever for clients as they visit the salon. Some may already feel cautious about being out and about during COVID-19. Likewise, others may be facing economic hardships. This is all the more reason that it’s important to create a refuge of relaxation in your (more…)
Rosacea itself is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder. But to better understand the sometimes-weeping lesions seen in older people- let’s follow the history of the disease. To me, the idea that the cause of rosacea is unknown or cannot be identified is a myth. When anything is chronic it must (more…)
COVID-19 has been a difficult time for many companies, but also an excellent opportunity for growth! And I’m here to share the best tips to keep your business thriving. MARKETING PRO-TIPS: Now is the best time to offer customized kits for a home regiment. It is also a great time (more…)
The sun is not our friend anymore. The protective ozone layer encircling our world has been thinning out for decades, intensifying the UV rays we encounter on a daily basis. Amazingly, as a result of the lockdown and stay-at-home orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, satellite photos above China and (more…)
In March of 2019, Jennifer & Austine joined forces to create Facets of Hospitality. Together, they combine their 20+ years of experiences and skills developing businesses for success ASK About Special NASNPRO Member Pricing FOH “Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of (more…)
I get weary of seeing products touted as “all-natural” in order to lead the therapist to believe that such a product is far superior to those that have long, unfamiliar words on the label that many people think are synthetic therefore no good. In actual fact, there is nothing wrong (more…)
One of the annoying things during this COVID 19 pandemic is that currently in some areas, hair salons are open but not esthetic clinics— as if they were somehow much less essential than color weaves and cuts! Ironically in most of Europe and the UK, aesthetics has always been totally (more…)
Over the last few years, we have seen Medical Spas change from being a trend to being a critical part of the industry. With that being said, we also see more and more Medical Spas popping up and creating heavy competition. So how do you set yourself apart to not (more…)
One of the most frustrating experiences many estheticians face upon graduation from their esthetics program, myself included, is that sinking feeling of “what do I do now?”  Even the best of esthetics programs typically provide students with only a basic knowledge of the skin, focusing instead on the knowledge required (more…)
So, for many of us depending on the state you live in, we are six weeks into “self isolating” orders and nonessential business closures.  How are you doing? What have you learned?  Following are a few of my thoughts on life and business during this global pandemic.  The real truth (more…)
Deidre Ramdhanie, National Educator for DermaConcepts (Environ US Distributor) In the midst of the pandemic, healthcare professionals will always be found wearing an N95 face mask. While detrimental, this is a definite way to sensitize the skin. A skin sensitization condition will manifest the same characteristics as a genetically sensitive (more…)
Your clients are looking to local businesses for familiarity, comfort and a sense of normalcy during these stressful times. The best way to calm anxiety and nerves is to communicate and keep them informed with updates about your spa, salon and practice. There are several ways to communicate with your (more…)
Your Name Current Address of Your Apartment with Unit Number City, State, Zip Code Date Landlord Or Leasing Company’s Name Address as Printed on Your Lease City, State, Zip Code Re: Request for Rent Relief Dear [Mr./Mrs. Landlord’s name]: I wanted to contact you today to ask if we could (more…)
There are four key differences between a furlough and a layoff Furloughed employees have an expectation that they will return to work. Typically, an employer will give furloughed employees either a specific date or a specific condition for resuming duties. Furloughed employees typically retain their benefits. Most notably, employees usually retain (more…)
Smudging – Hands of a spiritual woman holding burning smoking sage smudge stick It has been said that building solid relationships with those with whom we share our time is vital for us to truly experience life’s journey. As therapeutic providers, we need to remember that developing relationships when working (more…)
For the last 5 plus years now the brow trend has taken its cue from the drag world, the bigger, the bolder, the darker, the better!  These are the brows you can see coming from a mile away. They are meant to be eye catching, and while they make for (more…)
From traditional techniques using your hands to those that leverage the use of ancient skincare tools, facial massage is one of the most potent methods for both optimizing and supporting treatment results as well as transporting our clients into a deep state of tranquility. By performing facial massage that delivers (more…)
Did you know that the cells in your body talk to one another? There is a symphony of communication happening throughout your body, and skin, and the language that your cells use to carry out this conversation is known as growth factors and cytokines. These are tiny, protein messenger molecules (more…)
Modern beauty salon interior. Different cosmetics on shelves. Let’s welcome 2020 with new approaches and strategies to retailing! Do you wish your staff would sell more? Do you want your retail revenue to increase? Let’s shift the focus and mindset… Of course, the obvious solution is to invest in your (more…)
Hyperpigmentation and Melasma can be incredibly challenging to correct.  The first thing we need to identify is the type of pigment.  Is it the result of over exposure to the sun, the result of medication or birth control side effects, or is it simply the result of getting older? Pigment (more…)
What defines one’s drive? What keeps us motivated to continue to help others? As a skin therapist, you literally have the ability in your hands to help someone through a skin condition that may have felt impossible to cure. That spark, that ignition, is better known as passion. PASSION. We (more…)
Whether you’ve been in business 5 months or 5 years, it’s never too late to review, assess and amend. The most successful businesses in history are ever-evolving, and this evolution comes from self-analysis. So, one of the first steps we take when consulting to clinics, spas and salons, is to (more…)
Factors contributing to aging can be divided into four main categories: biological (genetically determined and unalterable), environmental (damage associated with exposure to sunlight, pollution or nicotine), mechanical aging (repetitive muscle movements such as squinting or frowning), and miscellaneous factors including diet, sleep patterns. Skin Thickness Changes The epidermis decreases in (more…)
The entrepreneur world is alive and well in our world today! Especially in the services industry. It’s an exciting and scary experience all at the same time. Especially when thinking about your financial future! As an entrepreneur or a self employed individual, saving for your future has never been more (more…)
The ups and downs of owning my facial practice! When I first started in this industry I was 18, and it was the early 80’s. The criteria for an Esthetician was, Cosmetology school first, then to an Esthetic school before you can be hired as an Esthetician. I started promoting (more…)
The skin and the nervous system were developed from the same embryological tissue for the first 21 days, after conception.  The skin is the largest organ of the body, it’s a detox organ, and we can’t live without it.  The skin, central nervous system, and immune systems all continue to (more…)
After fifty plus years in this industry I can truthfully say…nothing is new under the sun. No one “creates “anything (except the man upstairs). All we can do as scientists is to OBSERVE what is around us, pay attention to the bodies dictates, study how it interacts with stress, hormonal (more…)
2020, by all predictions, if you want it to be, can be the year of plenty for you! First, it is a new decade!  Think of where you were in your life in 2010. Look at how much has changed, and the changes are accelerating with each decade. Second, 2020 (more…)
Australia provides one of the harshest climates in the world, providing a bounty of botanical extracts that are unique and exclusive to the continent of Australia. The harshness and extreme weather conditions of Australia have enabled these plants to develop unique biological phytochemical molecules to adapt to the environment they (more…)
Consider looking at all of your multi-faceted, wide-ranging experiences as opportunities for learning, personal growth, and genetic evolution. With this approach to our annual reflection, we cultivate greater appreciation for the present and what it holds. This practice allows us to glean a renewed hope through the power of using (more…)
California law AB5 makes it tougher for companies to classify workers as independent contractors. It goes into effect January 1, 2020. What AB5 Does The law essentially reclassifies hundreds of thousands of independent contractors as employees who will now receive employee benefits such as minimum wage, overtime, unemployment insurance, state (more…)
How to improve your photography for a more professional social media and marketing look Telling the story of your business through social media has become an important and necessary part to marketing yourself in today’s digital landscape. Existing clients and peers alike use social media to stay connected to you, (more…)
We’ve heard it said that “a moment of gratitude makes a big difference in your attitude’.  Let’s take a moment to think about why we pursue the aesthetic arts. When you think of it, one of the best perks of our industry is that we spend all day long making (more…)
The winter is an unforgiving time of the year for our skins where we can see many difficult and sometimes painful conditions manifest. Looking through our Skin Care Therapist Tool Box may help our clients through that harsh winter wonderland. Exfoliate The winter may see the build up of dead (more…)
Tis the season for stressing! Nearly half of the people polled in an American Psychological Association survey said their stress levels increase during the holidays. (The other half may have been too stressed out to answer the questions.) Seasonal pressures make it is easy to get wrapped up in the (more…)
We’ve all had clients come in with acne on one side of their face.  In Esthetics school, we are all taught to ask the same questions:   Is this the side you sleep on?  How often do you change your pillowcase?  Which ear do you use when talking on the phone? (more…)
Q4 is here! Wow, we are closing out a decade this year. Are we scrambling to end the year strong? Well, in the retail world, I guess we missed Christmas, since it was in July! However, it is not too late to make an impact on your business for 2019! (more…)
I had my first Multiple Sclerosis (MS) attack at 25. Unfamiliar with the disease, I purchased a book for newly diagnosed. Explaining the history of MS, the author called it “rich mans disease” saying many thought being too clean contributed to MS. I never understood what it meant, but never (more…)
The trend to offer Vaginal Steaming in the spa is gaining momentum. We use steam to beautify the skin in our facial and in in body treatments, it makes sense that we would also provide a gentle steam to enhance the cleanliness and wellbeing of the vaginal skin. What do (more…)
Did you know the average American spends about $700 on holiday gifts each year? If this is the average, then we know that some will spend in excess of $1,500 ‘spreading holiday cheer’. So how do we earn our share of the gifts and maximize our holiday sales? Let’s review (more…)
Our skin has a lot on its plate. It is responsible for protecting against environmental factors like UV radiation, foreign bodies, and toxins as well as temperature regulation and immune defense. For our body’s largest organ, there’s a kernel of truth to the common phrase, you are what you eat. (more…)
You have a great idea to start or reposition your day spa as a med spa! However, one of the main obstacles is a competitive explosion of new med spas opening every year. Potential or present owners are challenged by the prospect of making their brand stand out and differentiating (more…)
No matter how you look at it, the spa industry is an industry of service. Our clients come to us asking for care, luxury, support, and knowledge. We build a relationship with them over time. They come to trust us with not only their skin and body care, but their (more…)
Securing the right job can be overwhelming; however, there are some helpful steps you can take to ensure you find the right position for you. If you are motivated and passionate, chances are you will succeed. I always think back to the movie Field of Dreams, “If you build it, (more…)
A consultation is typically the first point of contact we make with a client.  This first impression essentially determines if they will literally put their face into our hands.  Because a peel is a controlled wound, this consultation requires a few extra steps to ensure a successful experience for both (more…)
Two years ago, Denise R. Fuller called me. I was referred to her by a mutual friend as someone who could speak about Active Shooter and Workplace Violence. She told me all about NASNPRO and the spa industry it served. I hesitantly asked, “Am I on the radio? Am I (more…)
The skincare industry is ever evolving and as business owners and estheticians, we want to be knowledgeable in the newest and most effective treatments. Our clients are looking for the what’s new treatment, what’s best for me and I’m sure we all want to provide an outstanding service.  As skin (more…)
“A shoemaker never has shoes”. This old saying, dating back to 1621, still rings true today. As a skin care therapist, how many treatments do we get ourselves? So, in order to keep our skins in their best shape, how can we bring those professional treatments home. And, how do (more…)