One of the most common myths regarding new esthetician graduates is that “There are enough clients for everyone!” Well, no… This sketchy logic assumes that either there are hoards of unserved potential esthetics customers waiting for more estheticians to show up, or that more estheticians automatically produce more customers. Think (more…)
As a technician in the beauty industry, you work hard to build a full book of great people that you serve. You also work harder to retain them as long-term customers. For all the hard work it is an interesting stigma that so many technicians must work way more years (more…)
As an aesthetic practitioner, your quest to build an audience on Facebook is less about casting a wide net and more about drawing in a specific school of fish. Here, the prized catch is the ‘mature audience’; those discerning clientele who seek quality, professionalism, and the kind of one-on-one trust (more…)
Once the excitement and anticipation of a new skincare venture gives way to the daily rigors of business management, a new reality quietly settles in. The friends and family who promised to support you didn’t materialize. The slower-than-hoped for appointment days. All the often-unpaid working hours demanded by the practice (more…)
As a savvy skincare provider in the year 2024, you probably have all sorts of cutting-edge treatments and products at your disposal. Maybe you’ve got some wild new modality that can zap skin tags off people’s necks like nobody’s business, or some new line of creams and serums that magically (more…)
Even if your books are full and your business thriving, if you’re anything like me, you probably still find yourself setting new goals to accomplish. After over 30 years behind the chair, I still feel like I’m always setting my mind to something new I want to do. Usually, it’s (more…)
As an esthetician, you may find it challenging to compete with larger skincare companies and spa businesses online with more marketing experience and larger budgets. However, there are still effective grassroots marketing strategies (also known as “The Old School Method”) that we often forget but can help you gain exposure (more…)
It’s no secret that the skin protects the body from things like viruses, pathogens, environmental impact and more. However, we take little time to consider what we can do to help protect the skin that works so hard to protect the body. Sure, we all know to encourage our clients (more…)
As a web designer, I often hear, “Had a web designer, but they are nowhere to be found and my site needs help!” The next frustration is, “Tried to build my own site – it looks terrible, HELP!” These got me thinking about the most important aspects of creating an (more…)
As you begin to develop a loyal clientele and establish your spa, it is of utmost importance to ensure your space is welcoming, aesthetically pleasing, and functionally maximized in design—while also being on-brand for your business. First impressions begin at your entrance: the reception area. Build a lasting first impression (more…)
As a web designer, I often hear, “Had a web designer, but they are nowhere to be found and my site needs help!” The next frustration is, “Tried to build my own site – it looks terrible, HELP!” These got me thinking about the most important aspects of creating an (more…)
Eye irritation is a common complaint among consumers, which can happen purchasing a retail eye product.  Common complaints from customers may be itching, redness, watering, and styes. Ocular inflammation can be very serious and cause long term damage such as permanent dryness or vision issues. This is extremely concerning, and there (more…)
There are many myths surrounding the reason women get wrinkles around the lips. Men get them as well—but for different reasons and usually when they are into advanced age. They can appear in females as young as 35 and deepen with time if not treated. Women with thinner lips and (more…)
From your social media profile descriptions to your website and about page, a bio is an essential start to building your business, your clientele and establishing you as a professional. Your bio is telling people why they should connect with you from choosing you as their esthetician to asking you (more…)
As a marketing consultant, most clients express to me that they primarily use social media to promote their business. Now, this form of digital marketing can have an impact on a brand’s reach, but it must be viewed as a component of a marketing blueprint. For the past decade, I (more…)
For those living in colder weather states such as the Northeast, over the holidays many experienced major flight delays and harsh winter weather. Numerous states experienced extreme temperatures that dipped to -35 below zero causing many issues such as frozen pipes, flooding, fires and electricity to go out in businesses (more…)
I have always believed that being kind to others is the fastest way to become successful. This is one of the most important attributes you can have as a person. This characteristic will help you with growing your business as well as in life! I talk about being kind in (more…)
If you are paying attention to any news lately you likely have heard grumbling about a recession. You may even be seeing a decline with your clients spending money. I would like to ask you to take a deep breath and remind you we have been through tough financial times (more…)
It has been said that building solid relationships with those with whom we share our time is vital for us to truly experience life’s journey. As therapeutic providers, we need to remember that developing relationships when working with our clients is essential. We are there to celebrate big events with (more…)
As someone who worked behind the chair for more than 30 years, I always wanted to figure out how to streamline my business so that the general operations were smoother. I spent a lot of time tracking inventory, digging out client cards to look at formulas, and making phone calls (more…)
Do you add LUNAR PHASES to your social media spa campaigns? Here’s why you should. Over the course of a calendar year, the moon’s phases alter between the dim glow of a crescent and the full luster of a spotlight. It may be hard to believe that these phases can (more…)
Do you find it ironic that in an industry where wellness aimed at renewing the body, mind, and spirit through therapeutic and professional services is promoted, that our own wellbeing can be easily overlooked? Afterall, it is the spa professional’s responsibility to create a nurturing haven and relaxing experience where (more…)
Never has sustainability gained so much emphasis as now. For good reason. Global lockdowns caused by Covid-19 which resulted in shortages in all areas but made Nature thrive and get a break. This made people aware of how dependent we are, how much impact we truly have – negatively but (more…)
I have been a licensed esthetician and clean beauty lover for over twenty-three years. It has always been my passion to find the healthiest choice available. I am so pleased to see how the beauty industry has evolved and how healthy beauty brands like the one I work for sets (more…)
What’s the first thing you do when picking up almost any product? Most likely, you smell it. What’s the next thing you do? You respond with emotion and feeling. This is often done unconsciously and prior to an attempt to identify the odor. Your like, dislike or indifference to a (more…)
Acrochordons most commonly appear on the neck, axillary, groin, and inframammary regions. A skin tag (acrochordon) is a common, possibly inherited condition that manifests as small, flesh-colored growths on a thin stalk. Viewing these tabs of skin in the treatment room can be alarming. We get concerned and may ask (more…)
All of us have had those clients that have no idea how to maintain their new look once they leave the salon, or how to optimize a service that you just provided them. This could be anything from a hair colour service to a massage or new tattoo.  This is (more…)
Electrolysis as most of know or have done is a method of removing individual hairs from the body permanently.  A trained electrologist inserts an exceptionally fine filament into the natural opening of the hair follicle alongside the hair shaft. A tiny amount of electrical current is then applied to create (more…)
All of us have had those clients that have no idea how to maintain their new look once they leave the salon, or how to optimize a service that you just provided them. This could be anything from a hair colour service to a massage or new tattoo. This is (more…)
Live streaming is the broadcasting of a real-time video to your audience through the Internet. Because your video is unedited where anything can happen it appeals more to consumers. Facebook reports that people spend more than triple the time watching live videos versus non-live videos. People also interact more with (more…)
The world has been steadily moving since we each individually joined. The Covid-19 pandemic brought our world as we’ve all known it, to a halt, which is something no one could have prepared for psychologically, emotionally, financially or professionally. Pre-Covid-19 we all were on a more even feeling playing field. (more…)
Ever wonder how some skin professionals garner an income of six figures or more? After being in this industry for 30 years and working side-by-side with some of the best, it all comes down to the same thing: loyal clientele. How does one create a loyal following? It’s quite easy (more…)
As we transition to recovery mode from a global pandemic… Life and beauty has been really affected. If we are able to continue to be flexible that does not have to be a bad thing. Its just different… As we start transitioning into our new normal (as the gathering restrictions (more…)
Good ol’ 2020……………… Who would’ve thought this would be the battle were faced with? I’m here to tell you, we are in Q4 and we can still make a tremendous boom in our businesses. Let me explain. You see, we are hustlers. Being in the beauty industry is a hustle, (more…)
I have a confession, please don’t judge me! I recently visited Thermae Retreat Spa in Boardman, Ohio. The spa is an inviting atmosphere with a plethora of services and an amazing salt room. The 45 minute salt service $20.00 and they offer monthly pricing of $75.00 for unlimited use of (more…)
We live in a world of technology, where virtual consultations have proven to work very well. People are receptive because it is simple, convenient, and they don’t have to leave their house. Today’s market is about instant gratification, quick answers, and immediate results. Therefore, it should be effortless for the (more…)
Prior to March, your business was thriving and you were pretty happy about this year being your best ever, but then COVID happened and presented a lot of uncertainty. A few months in… and now consumer focus has shifted to online because people have been forced to do more stuff (more…)
Solo Estheticians and all entrepreneurs who are still paying full rent for your business space: NOW is the time to make a pitch for a better deal! We are now in what is called a “buyer’s market”, that is, one where falling demand and renters’ increasing inability to pay is (more…)
If I may pose a question. Do you remember your why? Why did you become an esthetician? Why pursue a career in the spa and wellness industry? Why be involved in the beauty industry? The why can provide stability and direction in the chaos of life and let’s face it (more…)
COVID-19 has been a difficult time for many companies, but also an excellent opportunity for growth! And I’m here to share the best tips to keep your business thriving. MARKETING PRO-TIPS: Now is the best time to offer customized kits for a home regiment. It is also a great time (more…)
In March of 2019, Jennifer & Austine joined forces to create Facets of Hospitality. Together, they combine their 20+ years of experiences and skills developing businesses for success ASK About Special NASNPRO Member Pricing FOH “Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of (more…)
I get weary of seeing products touted as “all-natural” in order to lead the therapist to believe that such a product is far superior to those that have long, unfamiliar words on the label that many people think are synthetic therefore no good. In actual fact, there is nothing wrong (more…)
One of the annoying things during this COVID 19 pandemic is that currently in some areas, hair salons are open but not esthetic clinics— as if they were somehow much less essential than color weaves and cuts! Ironically in most of Europe and the UK, aesthetics has always been totally (more…)
Over the last few years, we have seen Medical Spas change from being a trend to being a critical part of the industry. With that being said, we also see more and more Medical Spas popping up and creating heavy competition. So how do you set yourself apart to not (more…)
One of the most frustrating experiences many estheticians face upon graduation from their esthetics program, myself included, is that sinking feeling of “what do I do now?”  Even the best of esthetics programs typically provide students with only a basic knowledge of the skin, focusing instead on the knowledge required (more…)
So, for many of us depending on the state you live in, we are six weeks into “self isolating” orders and nonessential business closures.  How are you doing? What have you learned?  Following are a few of my thoughts on life and business during this global pandemic.  The real truth (more…)
Your clients are looking to local businesses for familiarity, comfort and a sense of normalcy during these stressful times. The best way to calm anxiety and nerves is to communicate and keep them informed with updates about your spa, salon and practice. There are several ways to communicate with your (more…)
Your Name Current Address of Your Apartment with Unit Number City, State, Zip Code Date Landlord Or Leasing Company’s Name Address as Printed on Your Lease City, State, Zip Code Re: Request for Rent Relief Dear [Mr./Mrs. Landlord’s name]: I wanted to contact you today to ask if we could (more…)
There are four key differences between a furlough and a layoff Furloughed employees have an expectation that they will return to work. Typically, an employer will give furloughed employees either a specific date or a specific condition for resuming duties. Furloughed employees typically retain their benefits. Most notably, employees usually retain (more…)
Smudging – Hands of a spiritual woman holding burning smoking sage smudge stick It has been said that building solid relationships with those with whom we share our time is vital for us to truly experience life’s journey. As therapeutic providers, we need to remember that developing relationships when working (more…)
Modern beauty salon interior. Different cosmetics on shelves. Let’s welcome 2020 with new approaches and strategies to retailing! Do you wish your staff would sell more? Do you want your retail revenue to increase? Let’s shift the focus and mindset… Of course, the obvious solution is to invest in your (more…)
What defines one’s drive? What keeps us motivated to continue to help others? As a skin therapist, you literally have the ability in your hands to help someone through a skin condition that may have felt impossible to cure. That spark, that ignition, is better known as passion. PASSION. We (more…)
Whether you’ve been in business 5 months or 5 years, it’s never too late to review, assess and amend. The most successful businesses in history are ever-evolving, and this evolution comes from self-analysis. So, one of the first steps we take when consulting to clinics, spas and salons, is to (more…)
The entrepreneur world is alive and well in our world today! Especially in the services industry. It’s an exciting and scary experience all at the same time. Especially when thinking about your financial future! As an entrepreneur or a self employed individual, saving for your future has never been more (more…)
The ups and downs of owning my facial practice! When I first started in this industry I was 18, and it was the early 80’s. The criteria for an Esthetician was, Cosmetology school first, then to an Esthetic school before you can be hired as an Esthetician. I started promoting (more…)
The skin and the nervous system were developed from the same embryological tissue for the first 21 days, after conception.  The skin is the largest organ of the body, it’s a detox organ, and we can’t live without it.  The skin, central nervous system, and immune systems all continue to (more…)
After fifty plus years in this industry I can truthfully say…nothing is new under the sun. No one “creates “anything (except the man upstairs). All we can do as scientists is to OBSERVE what is around us, pay attention to the bodies dictates, study how it interacts with stress, hormonal (more…)
2020, by all predictions, if you want it to be, can be the year of plenty for you! First, it is a new decade!  Think of where you were in your life in 2010. Look at how much has changed, and the changes are accelerating with each decade. Second, 2020 (more…)
California law AB5 makes it tougher for companies to classify workers as independent contractors. It goes into effect January 1, 2020. What AB5 Does The law essentially reclassifies hundreds of thousands of independent contractors as employees who will now receive employee benefits such as minimum wage, overtime, unemployment insurance, state (more…)
How to improve your photography for a more professional social media and marketing look Telling the story of your business through social media has become an important and necessary part to marketing yourself in today’s digital landscape. Existing clients and peers alike use social media to stay connected to you, (more…)
We’ve heard it said that “a moment of gratitude makes a big difference in your attitude’.  Let’s take a moment to think about why we pursue the aesthetic arts. When you think of it, one of the best perks of our industry is that we spend all day long making (more…)
Tis the season for stressing! Nearly half of the people polled in an American Psychological Association survey said their stress levels increase during the holidays. (The other half may have been too stressed out to answer the questions.) Seasonal pressures make it is easy to get wrapped up in the (more…)
Q4 is here! Wow, we are closing out a decade this year. Are we scrambling to end the year strong? Well, in the retail world, I guess we missed Christmas, since it was in July! However, it is not too late to make an impact on your business for 2019! (more…)
Did you know the average American spends about $700 on holiday gifts each year? If this is the average, then we know that some will spend in excess of $1,500 ‘spreading holiday cheer’. So how do we earn our share of the gifts and maximize our holiday sales? Let’s review (more…)
You have a great idea to start or reposition your day spa as a med spa! However, one of the main obstacles is a competitive explosion of new med spas opening every year. Potential or present owners are challenged by the prospect of making their brand stand out and differentiating (more…)
Securing the right job can be overwhelming; however, there are some helpful steps you can take to ensure you find the right position for you. If you are motivated and passionate, chances are you will succeed. I always think back to the movie Field of Dreams, “If you build it, (more…)
Two years ago, Denise R. Fuller called me. I was referred to her by a mutual friend as someone who could speak about Active Shooter and Workplace Violence. She told me all about NASNPRO and the spa industry it served. I hesitantly asked, “Am I on the radio? Am I (more…)
Our largest organ, the skin, is a superhero when it comes to protecting us from external villains. Its waterproof properties can make ingredient penetration extremely difficult without proper assistance. A few ways to enhance product penetration are by choosing high-quality skin-care formulations and incorporating proven technologies into your skin regimen/service. (more…)
Whether you are a newbie enrolled in an esthetics program or an experienced veteran in the industry the same principals to achieving success are applied. After setting a clear, obtainable goal you will need to make a plan of action: Keeping in mind why this is important to you in the long-run (more…)
Like most, I live life on auto pilot and don’t pay too much attention to the promotions inundating my radio, tv, email and text messenger; it’s much like running through the airport trying to make my connecting JetBlue flight.   I would be deaf to all of the overhead announcements until “Jet Blue (more…)
As the definition goes, the purpose of a solid spa business is to offer a variety of services to improve health, beauty and relaxation through personalized treatments. It is an excellent revenue-generating business–if managed correctly. In this article, I offer some tips for creating a successful space for your guests (more…)
While every small business and small business owner is different, they all have similar back-office needs. No matter what industry you’re in, you have to deal with things like taxes and accounting and, if you have employees, payroll, and human resources (HR). In short, every company needs help with the (more…)
Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t believe work-life balance exists. If that describes you, that’s okay, but I think we can all agree that there are times we feel more leveled out or at peace with our ability to juggle the pushing and pulling that come from our opposing work and (more…)
It can be difficult to discern fact from fiction when dealing with landlords.  A misunderstanding of these key issues can have serious consequences for your medspa.  The following information should help dispel some common myths and prevent costly mistakes in your next lease negotiation. Myth #1:  The landlord is on (more…)
Companies need to provide value to customers with their messaging. However, data-driven content marketing is changing the way they do that. Instead of scattershot messaging that goes to every customer, data-driven content marketing is providing a more efficient, personalized customer journey. Target Audience Your target audience is the group of (more…)
The market for CBD oil and related products is growing at an exuberant rate. However, unlike the latest diet fads, there is validity and efficacy behind these products and their growing popularity. How CBD Works Within the body lies a system that plays a vital role in our bodies and (more…)
Summer is a great time to capitalize on retail products that are used most during the warmer and summer months. Even if you don’t provide some of these services, you can definitely benefit from retailing. Everyone wants to have healthy, glowing, soft hair and skin year-round. The most common summer (more…)
After 30 years working in the hospitality industry, primarily in 5-star, 5-diamond properties, I’m often asked what 5-star service means. To me, the true essence of this level of service is we always want clients to feel as if they are receiving the perfect “guest experience.” And the key to (more…)
High-touch marketing is all about creating relationships between your company and your customers. As with any relationship, a strong bond comes through meaningful communication. The better your content marketing, the healthier your relationship will become. To help people embrace your brand, you have to create high-touch marketing messaging that truly (more…)
A couple sued the Main Street Station casino in Las Vegas for negligence, when 68-year-old Calvin Kawamura was attacked from behind and robbed by known criminal Christopher Corson-Edwards. The federal lawsuit faulted the Main Street Station casino for not having better security implemented down a long, dark hallway that lead (more…)
Have you ever been getting ready for a client appointment only to receive the dreaded text message: “Sorry, I can’t make it today… blah, blah, blah” or whatever hollow excuse follows the empty apology? If you are like me, not only am I upset that the client does not value (more…)
It’s always smart to think ahead, for example; Christmas in July! Same goes for thinking ahead to Spring. For some regions that is when our clients come out from hibernation. They want to be revived with something bright and new! If we think ahead and plan accordingly we can capture (more…)
Raise your hand if you’ve found yourself scrambling to find something to post on Facebook just because some expert said if you want your business to be successful through social media, you need to post every day? If your hand is up, know you’re not alone because this is a (more…)
A risk assessment is a systematic, fact-based method of investigation and examination that blends a collection and analysis of multiple sources of information with published research and experience focusing on patterns, population, surroundings, history and other factors. A risk assessment is not a final product, but the beginning or refinement (more…)
During winter time our skin is subject to the damaging and drying effects of cold, windy weather and the low humidity of dry indoor heating. In order to stay warm we enjoy long, hot showers and internal high temperature, this tend to suck the moisture from our body, leaving skin dry, itchy and prone to cracking ,and those with sensitive skin or skin conditions  are (more…)
In the winter, humidity levels plummet, the dry air dehydrates skin and strips it of lipids, which are part of its protective outer layer. Irritants enter more easily as the moisture barrier is compromised and causing inflammation, redness and flaking… Think of the skin’s surface like the paint job on (more…)
“It’s complicated.” “They’re too messy.” “I don’t know if my clients would purchase a body treatment.” These are just some of the phrases I’ve heard over the years from spa owners and practitioners as to why they don’t offer professional body treatments. But the right body treatment performed the right (more…)
Brand Partnership Strategies for Marketing Success Aesthetic industry marketing is rapidly evolving with the growth of visual and social media. Being well versed in your brand’s marketing tools will help you stand out and create trusted consumer relationships in a competitive environment. Essential Education Choose a brand that you believe (more…)
One of my favorite questions over my 17-year career working with business owners is; “What is the optimal retail inventory amount for my clinic?” I love this question because it tells me the clinic owner wants to know how to maximize profits while optimizing cash-flow. While optimal retail inventory amounts (more…)
Being rushed or pushed into a sale. Leaving a business with a bad taste in your mouth. Feeling like your time, or worse, you, were unimportant. Just reading those scenarios is enough to sink your spirits, and that’s because we’ve likely all experienced them first-hand. These examples are some of (more…)
You may not have noticed, but over the past 5 years the amount of organic products in the marketplace have skyrocketed. Organics are everywhere. More and more sectors of the U.S. economy are embracing organic products, mostly because of the overwhelming demand by the U.S. consumer for organic products in (more…)
As the founder and CEO of a skin care company, I have encountered many spa owners and estheticians over the last twenty years with a great desire to learn. While education in skin science, ingredient chemistry, facial and peel hands-on clinical training and marketing have been par for the course, (more…)
Providing a thorough skin analysis should be the starting point of any skin care treatment program. Without a complete understanding of a client’s history, work/play lifestyle, sunburn history, genetics, ethnicity,  medications, sensitivities, current skin care regimen, etc, treatment plans and home care regimen changes or suggestions may not completely or (more…)
As aestheticians we are naturally big-hearted, generous, kind and enjoy spending our time making other people look and feel good about themselves.  Even on our worst days, we are natural born givers, so why not make it an official part of our business.  There are so many ways to combine charity work with business (more…)
How To Succeed In Business.  It’s a wonderful Broadway musical that recently did a revival on Broadway!  While we’re not going to sing and dance, if you follow our 5 steps to holiday marketing, you’ll be dancing in your spa in January 2019!  We have a plan for you to (more…)
Congratulations to the 2018 Scholarship Winners NASNPRO Grants & Scholarships are making dreams come true! We want you to be successful and have partnered with leading companies to be able to offer these awards. Thank you to all who submitted an application and congratulations to all the winners! NASNPRO Décor Grant-$500.00 Megan (more…)
Mists and toners are trending and understandably so. They’re quick and convenient. Psssht. Psssht. That’s it. No fuss. No mess. And there are so many uses for them. Take a look: Daily Skin Care and Treatments Facial mists and toners refresh and moisturize the skin, and they tighten pores. But (more…)
The front desk is one of the highest traffic locations inside a spa. Your clients’ first and last impression is with the front desk team. Think about your front desk right now, how would you describe the experience. How would your clients describe their experience? Creating a true customer experience (more…)
Statistics state that the millennial generation seeks a lifestyle that is filled with wellness, clean eating, and to create a work life balance. The days of spas being stereotyped as a place for just women is in the past. We are all humans with the same stress, need for self-care, (more…)
5 Steps You MUST Take to Gain Customers, Followers, and Loyal Fans. We can’t get through a day without hearing about what Kim Kardashian did on Instagram, or what #45 tweeted. That’s because the world is obsessed with social media. It’s taken over our phones, our businesses, our communication, and (more…)