What’s the first thing you do when picking up almost any product? Most likely, you smell it. What’s the next thing you do? You respond with emotion and feeling. This is often done unconsciously and prior to an attempt to identify the odor. Your like, dislike or indifference to a (more…)
All of us have had those clients that have no idea how to maintain their new look once they leave the salon, or how to optimize a service that you just provided them. This could be anything from a hair colour service to a massage or new tattoo.  This is (more…)
Much has been made of the nasal labial problems over the years. In fact, I have always been concerned about mine! There are some surgical solutions possible, but not guaranteed to give the result wanted. There is a combination of several things that can “lift” this problematic area, but heredity, (more…)
All of us have had those clients that have no idea how to maintain their new look once they leave the salon, or how to optimize a service that you just provided them. This could be anything from a hair colour service to a massage or new tattoo. This is (more…)
Live streaming is the broadcasting of a real-time video to your audience through the Internet. Because your video is unedited where anything can happen it appeals more to consumers. Facebook reports that people spend more than triple the time watching live videos versus non-live videos. People also interact more with (more…)
The world has been steadily moving since we each individually joined. The Covid-19 pandemic brought our world as we’ve all known it, to a halt, which is something no one could have prepared for psychologically, emotionally, financially or professionally. Pre-Covid-19 we all were on a more even feeling playing field. (more…)
Figuring out acne has been my goal since I was a teenager, and it has been a very long road. As a college student and then young adult, I have taken a traditional route of antibiotics and even Accutane… just to see my acne come back with the vengeance. My (more…)
As we transition to recovery mode from a global pandemic… Life and beauty has been really affected. If we are able to continue to be flexible that does not have to be a bad thing. Its just different… As we start transitioning into our new normal (as the gathering restrictions (more…)
I have a confession, please don’t judge me! I recently visited Thermae Retreat Spa in Boardman, Ohio. The spa is an inviting atmosphere with a plethora of services and an amazing salt room. The 45 minute salt service $20.00 and they offer monthly pricing of $75.00 for unlimited use of (more…)
We live in a world of technology, where virtual consultations have proven to work very well. People are receptive because it is simple, convenient, and they don’t have to leave their house. Today’s market is about instant gratification, quick answers, and immediate results. Therefore, it should be effortless for the (more…)
If I may pose a question. Do you remember your why? Why did you become an esthetician? Why pursue a career in the spa and wellness industry? Why be involved in the beauty industry? The why can provide stability and direction in the chaos of life and let’s face it (more…)
Nowadays, relaxation is more important than ever for clients as they visit the salon. Some may already feel cautious about being out and about during COVID-19. Likewise, others may be facing economic hardships. This is all the more reason that it’s important to create a refuge of relaxation in your (more…)
In March of 2019, Jennifer & Austine joined forces to create Facets of Hospitality. Together, they combine their 20+ years of experiences and skills developing businesses for success ASK About Special NASNPRO Member Pricing FOH “Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of (more…)
So, for many of us depending on the state you live in, we are six weeks into “self isolating” orders and nonessential business closures.  How are you doing? What have you learned?  Following are a few of my thoughts on life and business during this global pandemic.  The real truth (more…)
Your clients are looking to local businesses for familiarity, comfort and a sense of normalcy during these stressful times. The best way to calm anxiety and nerves is to communicate and keep them informed with updates about your spa, salon and practice. There are several ways to communicate with your (more…)
Smudging – Hands of a spiritual woman holding burning smoking sage smudge stick It has been said that building solid relationships with those with whom we share our time is vital for us to truly experience life’s journey. As therapeutic providers, we need to remember that developing relationships when working (more…)
For the last 5 plus years now the brow trend has taken its cue from the drag world, the bigger, the bolder, the darker, the better!  These are the brows you can see coming from a mile away. They are meant to be eye catching, and while they make for (more…)
Modern beauty salon interior. Different cosmetics on shelves. Let’s welcome 2020 with new approaches and strategies to retailing! Do you wish your staff would sell more? Do you want your retail revenue to increase? Let’s shift the focus and mindset… Of course, the obvious solution is to invest in your (more…)
Whether you’ve been in business 5 months or 5 years, it’s never too late to review, assess and amend. The most successful businesses in history are ever-evolving, and this evolution comes from self-analysis. So, one of the first steps we take when consulting to clinics, spas and salons, is to (more…)
Did you know the average American spends about $700 on holiday gifts each year? If this is the average, then we know that some will spend in excess of $1,500 ‘spreading holiday cheer’. So how do we earn our share of the gifts and maximize our holiday sales? Let’s review (more…)
Companies need to provide value to customers with their messaging. However, data-driven content marketing is changing the way they do that. Instead of scattershot messaging that goes to every customer, data-driven content marketing is providing a more efficient, personalized customer journey. Target Audience Your target audience is the group of (more…)
After 30 years working in the hospitality industry, primarily in 5-star, 5-diamond properties, I’m often asked what 5-star service means. To me, the true essence of this level of service is we always want clients to feel as if they are receiving the perfect “guest experience.” And the key to (more…)
Aromatherapy is one of the easiest ways to reap the health benefits of essential oils. There are almost as many ways to use these powerful plant products as there are different essential oils, so where do you start? Aromatherapy can be as easy as applying the oil to your skin (more…)
Statistics state that the millennial generation seeks a lifestyle that is filled with wellness, clean eating, and to create a work life balance. The days of spas being stereotyped as a place for just women is in the past. We are all humans with the same stress, need for self-care, (more…)
It is very common for the vaginal and anal skin to become discolored in both men and women. Many people are embarrassed about this topic do not want to discuss options with their clients. NASNPRO asked Enrique Ramirez, founder and lead esthetician at face to face in New York to (more…)
Therapists are fearful of the “C” word. I suppose ethically to claim a cure is to imply a certain amount of ego and a lot of risk. In America, It could be seen as making a medical claim. However,when we take a client from point A, bristling with pustules, papules, (more…)
Recently, I was invited by the leadership team of National Grid, a gas and electric company, to share my insights with their 500 leaders who are responsible for 14,500 employees in New York and throughout the New England states. Instead of just showing up and throwing up as some speakers (more…)