Oxalates are naturally occurring compounds found in a variety of plant-based foods, including leafy greens, nuts, and seeds. They are known to bind to minerals like calcium, aiding in their elimination through urine. While oxalates are generally harmless when consumed in moderate amounts, excessive intake can lead to the formation (more…)
Sophrology is a personal development discipline which aims to harmonize body and mind using relaxation, breathing and visualization techniques. Created in the 1960s by neuropsychiatrist Alfonso Caycedo, it combines the best of East and West techniques from yoga, Buddhism, Zen, psychoanalysis, relaxation, autosuggestion, and hypnosis. However, unlike Yoga, Sophrology does not (more…)
Diabetic and oncology clients face distinct skin relief needs due to their health conditions and treatments. However, a non-toxic, high-quality body care line can significantly provide relief for both groups. Additionally, licensed beauty professionals catering to individuals who identify as immune compromised have the opportunity to expand their business by (more…)
What is Autophagy? Autophagy is a biological cellular process that involves the degradation and recycling of cellular components. It is your body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells to regenerate newer, healthier cells. As we age, our body’s autophagic ability decreases, leading to cellular damage and visible signs of aging. (more…)
As you begin to develop a loyal clientele and establish your spa, it is of utmost importance to ensure your space is welcoming, aesthetically pleasing, and functionally maximized in design—while also being on-brand for your business. First impressions begin at your entrance: the reception area. Build a lasting first impression (more…)
The first few ingredients are the most important. If the number of ingredients exceeds 30, leave that product on the shelf! Do you seek a budget-friendly vs a more expensive facial oil? The most important step is to check out the product’s ingredients. The list can be a bit too (more…)
Injections will filler agents are becoming increasingly popular as a treatment for wrinkles and soft tissue augmentation. There are complications from fillers and patients can experience infection, nodules, hypersensitivity and vascular occlusion. For consumers wanting to look like the latest movie star or songbird maven, there may be a cautionary (more…)
Eye irritation is a common complaint among consumers, which can happen purchasing a retail eye product.  Common complaints from customers may be itching, redness, watering, and styes. Ocular inflammation can be very serious and cause long term damage such as permanent dryness or vision issues. This is extremely concerning, and there (more…)
Acquiring epidermal minor skin irregularities can cause distress for many.  Just like clients with skin of color or higher Fitzpatrick type 4 or 5, just like actor Morgan Freeman who recently shared his experience struggling with skin tags in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning.  Fortunately, there are safe treatments (more…)
Over the past 3 years of isolation, distancing, and lockdown, many of us surrendered to an unexpected journey of self-discovery. This was cathartic for some but for others it may have been an unsettling trek through anxiety, depression and trauma.  Self-discovery can often unearth feelings and emotions that were buried deep (more…)
Menopause for past generations was something to suffer through silently with a bit of dread, self-pity and dare I say humiliation. However, that is shifting thanks to the rise in the female voice in media and holistic therapies becoming more mainstream. As an esthetician and a daughter who has a (more…)
According to the Mayo Clinic, jet lag, also called jet lag disorder, is a temporary sleep problem that can affect anyone who quickly travels across several time zones. Traveling is no joke these days, especially internationally. On a recent trip to Australia, let me share about our travel schedule. Our first leg (more…)
Do you find it ironic that in an industry where wellness aimed at renewing the body, mind, and spirit through therapeutic and professional services is promoted, that our own wellbeing can be easily overlooked? Afterall, it is the spa professional’s responsibility to create a nurturing haven and relaxing experience where (more…)
Every couple years I stumble down a rabbit hole of an obscure social media trend or an article. In 2009, I asked NASNPRO Members and incredible Estheticians, Linda Rae and Sherry Taylor to write an article about kitty litter as an exfoliant and their first question was WHY? After a (more…)
I recently had the opportunity to visit the Edgar Cayce Wellness Spa in Virginia Beach, VA. Established in 1931 by Edgar Cayce. He has been called the father of the modern-day holistic moment. I had a 90 minute body service which included an Abdominal Castor Oil Pack, massage and foot (more…)
Orgasms are a biological delight. Not only are they a pleasurable experience, orgasms also have a multitude of positive health related benefits. What’s more, orgasms are good skin care! According to one study, orgasm improve skin firmness, elasticity, and radiance. With the growing sexual-wellness market, the spa environment can now (more…)
Cupping is a traditional form of Chinese healing therapy. One of the earliest documentations of cupping can be found in the work titled, “A Handbook of Prescriptions for Emergencies,” written by a Taoist herbalist by the name of Ge Hong and dates all the way back to 300 AD. An (more…)
Deidre Ramdhanie, National Educator for DermaConcepts (Environ US Distributor) In the midst of the pandemic, healthcare professionals will always be found wearing an N95 face mask. While detrimental, this is a definite way to sensitize the skin. A skin sensitization condition will manifest the same characteristics as a genetically sensitive (more…)
Did you know that the cells in your body talk to one another? There is a symphony of communication happening throughout your body, and skin, and the language that your cells use to carry out this conversation is known as growth factors and cytokines. These are tiny, protein messenger molecules (more…)
What defines one’s drive? What keeps us motivated to continue to help others? As a skin therapist, you literally have the ability in your hands to help someone through a skin condition that may have felt impossible to cure. That spark, that ignition, is better known as passion. PASSION. We (more…)
We’ve heard it said that “a moment of gratitude makes a big difference in your attitude’.  Let’s take a moment to think about why we pursue the aesthetic arts. When you think of it, one of the best perks of our industry is that we spend all day long making (more…)
The winter is an unforgiving time of the year for our skins where we can see many difficult and sometimes painful conditions manifest. Looking through our Skin Care Therapist Tool Box may help our clients through that harsh winter wonderland. Exfoliate The winter may see the build up of dead (more…)
We’ve all had clients come in with acne on one side of their face.  In Esthetics school, we are all taught to ask the same questions:   Is this the side you sleep on?  How often do you change your pillowcase?  Which ear do you use when talking on the phone? (more…)
Our skin has a lot on its plate. It is responsible for protecting against environmental factors like UV radiation, foreign bodies, and toxins as well as temperature regulation and immune defense. For our body’s largest organ, there’s a kernel of truth to the common phrase, you are what you eat. (more…)
No matter how you look at it, the spa industry is an industry of service. Our clients come to us asking for care, luxury, support, and knowledge. We build a relationship with them over time. They come to trust us with not only their skin and body care, but their (more…)
The most dynamic and discussed ingredient currently used in skin care is cannabidiol (CBD), one of several cannabinoid compounds extracted from the cannabis sativa or indica plant. The talk is valid, this ingredient is a powerhouse for many reasons. There are 60 plus cannabinoids in cannabis, the two with the (more…)
If you have been trolled recently by advertisements on Facebook, like I have, you may have noticed an up-swing in marketing about protecting your eyes from the Blue Light omitted from your electronic devices. The advertisements feature beautiful girls working diligently in front of their computers sporting perfectly matched, clear glasses. (more…)
Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t believe work-life balance exists. If that describes you, that’s okay, but I think we can all agree that there are times we feel more leveled out or at peace with our ability to juggle the pushing and pulling that come from our opposing work and (more…)
A hairy situation indeed!!!  I don’t know that any of us would like to be compared to an ape, but both a chimpanzee and humans have approximately 5 million hairs. Needless, to say the hair of a primate is much courser than human hair. The average human has only 100,000 (more…)
It comes on slowly but when sadness, anxiety or depression hits us full on it’s usually because we were not pay attention. In our fast pace world we don’t take the time to listen to our body telling it us time to stop, we just keep on going. A few (more…)
The market for CBD oil and related products is growing at an exuberant rate. However, unlike the latest diet fads, there is validity and efficacy behind these products and their growing popularity. How CBD Works Within the body lies a system that plays a vital role in our bodies and (more…)
Everyone is always moving hastily to finish a task, run an errand, meet a deadline, not be late or perhaps make good on a promise made that will go beyond our scope of energy for the day to complete – and the result may be perpetual exhaustion.  In our get (more…)
Imagine coming home to the most perfect weather after a long day of work or travel. Each season of the year is customized to your desired and preferred temperature at all times—it’s never too hot or too cold. Even your physical temperature and mood is so perfectly balanced and pleasant, (more…)
In the late 1960’s and early 70’s, when I was trying to plow my way through all the myths about facials and beauty treatments (the term skincare was not invented yet) I kept going back to books on biochemistry and anatomy to see how the skin and body actually worked. (more…)
It’s my favorite time of year when we shift from the dog days of summer to the snuggle-up brisk days of winter. For me there’s nothing better than cozy nights wrapped in a blanket, sitting by the fire. I also love cooking comfort foods for my family – soups and (more…)
In my blogs I have stressed numerous times the importance of wearing your daily SPF to protect your skin from sun damage. UV light damages the elastin fibers in our skin. Elastin is what gives skin its tightness and ability to stretch and return to shape. Once these fibers are (more…)
Much like Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, my mind is loud and busy. Thoughts fly in, and they fly out. Sometimes there’s even a rough landing, like at night when I suddenly jolt out of bed to make sure I turned off the oven. In yoga, my instructor has a term (more…)
Although sunlight is essential for human life, daily exposure to the sun over a lifetime is a major cause of skin damage, including wrinkling and skin cancer. The process is characterized by clinical, histological and biochemical changes that differ from changes in chronologically aged skin. While chronologically aging skin changes (more…)
“Know thyself.” These infamous words spoken by Greek physician, Hippocrates, are just as relevant today as they were 2,000 years ago. Simple yet profound, this statement speaks of self-awareness, which is the best way to keep and maintain your health. Hippocrates’ contributions to the world of modern medicine are many, (more…)
Goal vs Intention Goal making is a valuable skill; it involves envisioning a future outcome. Goal setting helps us to see the future, understand what we want, create a plan, and stay on track to get it done. You organize your time and energy based on your goals; they help provide (more…)
Therapists are fearful of the “C” word. I suppose ethically to claim a cure is to imply a certain amount of ego and a lot of risk. In America, It could be seen as making a medical claim. However,when we take a client from point A, bristling with pustules, papules, (more…)
Add a little clay to your Self-Care Day! French Green Clay is one of the most remarkable clays in the world. Luxury spas offer body wraps with this clay. Health practitioners encourage drinking clay. Estheticians include French Green Clay to acne treatments due to its anti-bacterial elements and drying properties. (more…)