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2022 Presentations

Maya Ivanjeku – It’s Not a Trend it’s a Movement

Jennifer Crable: Bioth-Ecology Synergistic effects for Spas

Kimberly Swenk: Grow your client list & see profits soar

Danne Montague King and Dr. Jayant Lokhande – Who’s afraid of looking older?

Maya Ivanjeku – It’s Not a Trend it’s a Movement

Richard Purvis – Secrets to resetting your age

Antonella Colella – Illegal policies and practices in the spa

Dr. Jayant Lokhande M.D. – Farm to Table of Epidermal Stem Cells

Toni Lee – Ingredients from A-Z

Jennifer Crable – In-Depth for Aesthetic Professionals

Stephanie Holvick – Develop an esthetic career beyond the treatment room

Richard Purvis – Botanicals + Bioavailability + Nutrition

Stephanie Holvick – Be A Melanoma Detective

Terri Wojack – Putting Technology to Work

Richard Purvis – Innovation in Esthetics

Tasha Chen – The NEW Money Manifesting Formula

Dr. Jayant Lokhande M.D. – Skin Revision Science

Stephanie Holvick – Learn how to become a Local Celebrity and get free publicity

Toni Lee – Maximizing your partnership with vendors

Wendy Cochran – Finding Profitability in your business

Jennifer Crable – Small Spaces, Big Sales: Rock your Business 360°

Maya Ivanjesku – Beauty Only Better – How Bacteria Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Danne King & Dr. Jayant Lokhande: The Science of Aesthetics’ to ‘Debunking Esthetic Myths and its Science

Jennifer Crable: Improving Skin Immunity

Richard Purvis: Esthetic Innovation

Jimm Harrison: Emotion. Scent and Law of Attraction

Michael Tompkins: State of our Industry: Job forecast, trends & YOU

Maya Ivanjesku: Topical Probiotics for the Skin? It’s Not a Trend it’s a Movement

Stephanie Holvick: How to go LIVE, Monetize and Make $$$

2021 Presentations

Dr. Jay Lokhande – 10 Commandments of Esthetics

Bobby Calhoun – Transformative Malachite and the cortisol connection

Jimm Harrison – Scent, Emotions and Law of Attraction

Gina Rivera – COLOUR Your Life

Stephanie Holvick – Getting noticed in Print! 

Stephanie Holvick – Detecting Melanoma in the treatment room

Dr. Jay Lokhande – 10 Commandments of Esthetics

Tasha Chen – Money, Dreams, Manifestation for you and your business

Michael Tompkins – The Power is within YOU

Dr. Jackie Kilraine – Better Brain, Better Business, A Guide to Add Increase to your Life and Business

Danne M. King – 10 Commandments of Esthetics

Michael Tompkins: The Power of Touch: More Than Skin Deep

Barbara Devlin – Stop burning your client’s skin! Time to unlearn old way of thinking – Correct, Repair, Renew while supporting barrier function.

Danne M. King – 10 Commandments of Esthetics

Jimm Harrison – Protecting skin from blue light, 5G, and RFR/EMR exposures with proactive skin, body and environmental solution

Jimm Harrison: Emotional Skin Care

Stephanie Holvick, RN: Blind Faith Marketing

Dr. Jackie Kilraine: Expressing Optima

Anthony Robinson: Hyperpigmentation

Ryan Christopher:  Marketing Terms vs. Regulation – The truth and the myths

Drew Coleman: How to grow your business in challenging times

Candace Noonan: Box, Rolling Or Ice Pick – Understanding Terminology To Effectively Treat Atrophic Scars

Tasha Chen: How To Use the Feel Good Revenue Model to Make More Money

Grace Lovett:  Update on Florida Economy, deregulation and business strategies

2020 Presentations

Jacine Greenwood: Myth vs Science: Understanding ingredient labels

Lisa Christensen: Find the $$$ in your retail

Pamela Springer: Diversity Aesthetics

Gina Rivera: Colour Your Life

Sonia Barrow-Conerly: Skin Science-The 7 Point Skin Analysis

Kaelin Jutras: Boost your clients results & your bottom line by 100k+ per year

Kathryn Guay: The Benefits of Gemstones from Treatment Room to Client Home Care

Danne M. King – Microbiome: The New Frontier In Skincare

Phyllis Hsiesh: Law of Absorption

Stephanie Gallo Holvick: Skin Paparazzi

Linda Arthur: Strategic Plannings Starts with a SWOT Analysis – Your Competitive Edge

Jacine Greenwood – Linking Skin Ingredients To Structure and Function

Melissa Green – Working on Clients with Melanogenesis



2019 Presentations

Drew Coleman – 1, 2, 3…Grow! The best practices from to performing clinics

Pamela Springer – Working with diverse skin tones

Stephanie Laynes: It is Not Just Eczema

Bobby Calhoun: Photo Degradation

Dasha Saian: Increase your revenue with retail sales

Darnell Wise – Combining Chemical Peels & Modalities

Vivian Meyers – Making Money With Microblading

Lake Louise – How To Make Your Clients Fall In Love With You

Traci Daly – Aromatherapy & Oncology Care … Do They Blend??

Melinda Mine – How to avoid this costly mistake when pricing your services

Kaelin Jutras – Sowing Seeds of Intention to Cultivate An Abundant Life and Business

Linda Arthur – SWOT Analysis For Your Business

Phyllis Hsiesh – The Difference in the Delivery

Anne Buhl – Treating Hyperpigmentation with Peels

Jacine Greenwood – Understanding Rosacea

Danne King – The Role Microbiome Plays In Skincare

Kaelin Jutras – Sowing Seeds Of Intention To Grow The Life You Desire And Manifest Abundance

Daniela Woerner – 3 Steps To Increase Your Retail Sales By $500 or More Each Month 

Danica McGreevey – Business Solutions For Success

Danne King – The Role Microbiome Plays In Skincare

Phyllis Hsieh – Transdermal Delivery System

Linda Arthur – SWOT Analysis For Your Business

Dasha Saian – Increase Your Revenue With Retail Sales

Katherine Polich – Pillars For Progressive In Spa Corrective Treatments

Brian Mills – Maximizing Profitability – How To Successfully Negotiate Your Spa Lease

Ghada Abuhakmeh – How To Be A Rockstar Sales Peron And Make Your Clients Love You

Stephanie Holvick – Partnering With A Dermatologist & Building A Referral System

Ghada Abuhakmeh: Marketing YOU

Jimm Harrison: CBDs Benefits VS Risks

Kim Collier: Energy Medicine Yoga

Noel Stewart – Social Media & Content Marketing

Linda Amato – Understanding Antioxidants

Mona Sappenfield – Powering Up Aesthetics Within The Scope Of Practice

Lake Louise – How To Make Your Clients Fall In Love With You

Linda Arthur – Successful Retail Strategies

Ghada Abuhakmeh: You are your brand, learn how to market YOU

Margi Winn: The Science of Ingredient Delivery Systems

Stephanie Laynes: 7 Minute Brazilian

Jenny Stafford – Facial Massage Tools for your practice

April Mitchell – Understanding Antioxidants

SallyAnn Bliss – The process and preparing the skin

Lisa Christensen – Removing Dry & Hyperkeratinized Superficial Cells

Judi Calvert – History of Beauty and Massage

Danne M King – The True Causes of Acne

Stephanie Holvick – Managing Daily Operations In Your Spa

Ginger Downey – Nutrition for Healthy Skin

Jacine Greenwood – Barrier Repair Strategies
Repairing The Skin Without Introducing Acne

2018 Presentations

Drew Coleman – Clinic Best Practices

Drew Coleman – Video

Denise R. Fuller – Maintaining Spa Safety

Carrie Dodson – Harnessing the Power of Topical Ingredients

Sarah Robbins – Power of TCA’s

Rachael Pontillo – Intuitive Ingredient Selection: Tapping into Your Body’s Innate Skincare Wisdom with Muscle Testing

Linda Nelson: Photo Damage: Cause and “Affect”

Natalia Sotelo: Cost Per Treatments & Menu Design

Ginger Downey: Inflammatory Skin Conditions

 Stephanie Holvick: Have an Assistant or You are one

JB Jennings: Security Features for your Salon & Spa

Karen Hodges: Microblading in the Salon or Spa