Identity Hospitality

Identity Hospitality helps small businesses and solo entrepreneurs plan, start and grow their businesses.
We will help your business development, marketing, advertising, sales and operations teams to increase your marketshare, revenue and profit.
Through our experience in working with over 100 companies nationwide and internationally we are able to create business and market strategies that drive success.
8 Reasons why you should use a Spa, MedSpa & Salon Expert:
1. Developing & Launching Businesses
2. Operating & Managing Businesses
3. Company Repositioning or Turnarounds
4. Strategic Planning
5. Sales & Marketing
6. Architectural & Interior Design
7. Information Technology
8. Mergers & Acquisitions
The expense of engaging the services of an industry expert can be justified many times over by the superior nature of the results and by avoidance of costly mistakes. Industry experts often deliver bottom line value that is ten-fold the cost. In addition, we provide services to improve efficiency, increase revenue and maximize profit.
The team at Identity Hospitality, brings an aggregate of over 100 years of industry experience, geographic diversity and global perspective to any client engagement. Each individual brings professionalism and depth to their respective roles, with established expertise in the leisure, hospitality, retail, wellness, spa, medspa, salon, fitness and club industries.
Jim Croghan, CEO & Founder – Identity Hospitality
Telephone: 760.916.5882