Bethany Boyd, Licensed Esthetician, Arizona

I just attended my first NASNPRO event this past weekend in Glendale AZ. Ive been to trade shows all over the country in the past 22 years and I can honestly say this is the best event i’ve ever been to! At other shows you have to pick and choose your classes and you end up not being able to take them all…at an NASNPRO event you get to enjoy ALL the talks AND see ALL the vendors! When Denise stands up in front during her Welcome talk and says that we are all family you can feel that she is speaking the truth…even if you don’t know anyone there! Everyone is so warm and welcoming, the talks are super informative, made by the industry’s leaders and by the time the day is over you wish you could do it all over again! I highly recommend going to a NASNPRO event…..